3 Important Tips When Dealing With Mice On Your Property

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3 Important Tips When Dealing With Mice On Your Property

27 February 2018
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Mice are stressful pests to deal with at times. They can get into tiny spaces and could possibly be carrying diseases. To protect your home and family, you need to keep these mouse control tips in mind. 

Remove All Entry Points 

Once you've found a mouse in your home, you need to act fast before more of these pests get in your home and breed. You'll need to walk around your property and locate any possible entry points that mice could have gotten through.

Common areas to inspect include attics, cracks in the foundation, loose flashing around the chimney, and holes near entry doors. If you notice any weak points present, take the necessary measures for sealing them up. Even if these home renovations cost you more than you'd like to pay, alleviating these entry points can save you a lot of stress and sickness down the road.

Utilize Live Cages

If you're taking it upon yourself to deal with these rodents, you'll need to use the appropriate traps. Even though these creatures are unwanted, you should still take it upon yourself to remove them in a way that doesn't cause them harm.

You can do this with live cage traps. They do not kill rodents, but simply contain them until you can find a good relocation area. These cages are often made from durable stainless steel, which rodents will not be able to chew threw no matter how much they try. 

Call Professionals, When All Else Fails 

If you're struggling to remove mice or keep them away, it's recommended to leave these rodent jobs up to the professionals. Hiring these experts benefits you in many ways. For one, you won't have to worry about getting bit or harming these pests. 

These companies can conduct a full residential mice inspection, which allows them to see where mice are getting in from and why they're attracted to your property. So once these rodents are alleviated in a safe, controlled manner, you don't have to worry about them showing back up unannounced. Lastly, these pest control experts can sanitize your house after the removal, ensuring no one in your family gets sick.

Dealing with mice sometimes comes with the territory of owning a house. You can deal with them appropriately, though, by taking preventative measures, using the right baits and traps, and calling professionals when the removal is too difficult to complete on your own.

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