It's Pest Season: Why You Need To Schedule A Termite Inspection

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It's Pest Season: Why You Need To Schedule A Termite Inspection

25 April 2018
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Now that spring is here, it's time to schedule your pest control services again. During the winter, you can usually do without the pesticide treatments since most pests go into hiding during the cold weather. However, as soon as the temperatures start to rise, the bugs come out of hiding. You know to start looking for roach, rodent, spider, and ant activity once the warm weather arrives. However, you might not realize that you also need to start watching for termite activity too. To make sure your home isn't being devoured by termites right now, here are three reasons you need to schedule a termite inspection right away.

There's Exposed Wood on Your Home

Termites love exposed wood. Unfortunately, if you haven't painted your home in a while, there could be plenty of exposed wood for them to eat. If you have exposed wood on your home, either up in the eaves, or on exterior stairwells, you could have termites getting ready to destroy your home. To remove this temptation, you should seal the cracks in the wood, apply a coat of primer, and then paint all the exposed wood on your home. This will help stop the termites in their tracks.

Your Neighbor has a Termite Problem

One of the problems with termites is that they can travel between houses, especially when food sources are available in both yards. You might not realize this, but some termites have wings, which means they won't have any trouble getting to your home. If your neighbors, either directly next door, or in the neighborhood, have reported a termite infestation, you've got to get your home inspected as quickly as possible. You could be looking at the same problem.

You Found Sawdust on Your Windowsills

If you've recently discovered sawdust on your windowsills, and you haven't been doing any remodeling, you're actually looking at frass, which is termite feces. Frass is usually left behind in areas where termites are their most active. If you've found mounds of termite feces in your home, you're going to need an exterminator. If you suspect that you have a termite problem, it's a good idea to start looking for frass. This is often the first visible sign of termite activity you'll receive.

Don't let termites destroy your home. If you've experienced any of the warning signs listed above, you need to hire an exterminator right away. If left alone, termites can do irreparable harm to your home.

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