Everything You Need To Know About The Three Main Pest Control Methods

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Everything You Need To Know About The Three Main Pest Control Methods

14 September 2021
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Pests can be anywhere around your home, leading to an infestation. Fortunately, there are different pest control methods you can rely on. When looking to protect your house from pest invasions, you have three main options available to you. Below are the options and what you need to know about each.

Biological Control Method

Also referred to as the natural method, it relies on hierarchies in nature to control pests rather than using chemicals. A common way is to introduce a natural predator to get rid of the pest being eradicated. 

It's common among gardeners to grow organic compounds. It can also be used around the home. For example, getting a cat to eradicate mice instead of setting traps or buying chemical alternatives.

Physical Control Method

This method relies on removing pests, trapping them, or killing them. Often, pests find a dark place with an adequate supply of food and an ideal breeding condition to hide in. Therefore, when removing pests, eliminating these two factors always proves effective.

Some methods under this include poison bait. It's a common method in households, especially those with a rodent infestation. The poison can either be in the form of gel or small granules with the pests in question either eat or carry to their nest as food. You need to be careful when using poison bait around the house and keep it out of children or pet reach.

Traps also fall under physical control. Traps take various forms; they can be complex or as simple as flypaper. It's a common alternative, especially when exterminating rodents. Usually, the trap is well set in areas with high pest activity. However, you need to frequently monitor the trap and reset it after a successful capture.

Chemical Control Method

It's widely adopted and considered highly effective compared to other methods. Chemical solutions tend to be more reliable. They also come in different types, each type being more effective for each pest.

Nonetheless, you should always go through the instructions as chemicals tend to be toxic. Insecticides are the most common, and they exterminate insects like roaches. Millions of homes report having roaches, which increases the demand for insecticides and makes them popular.

When dealing with tiny pests that hide in hard-to-access areas, granulated insecticides work better. On the other hand, if you're exterminating flying pests like fleas, sprays are suited better. Rodenticides are also common and highly lethal.

Ask an Expert

Given the three main pest control methods, consult an expert before using any method. A professional can recommend a more effective method depending on the pest infestation and its severity.

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