The Masked Bandit: Keep Raccoons Off Of Your Property

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The Masked Bandit: Keep Raccoons Off Of Your Property

12 April 2017
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One of the most stealthy and persistent of pests is the raccoon. Scavengers by nature, they will often get into trash cans, pet food, or food storage. While not as harmful as some other pests, raccoons are still a nuisance and a health risk. They commonly carry rabies, and they can damage your property in their attempts to get food. 

Some simple prevention measures can help you keep the masked bandit out of your garage, garden, pond, or other areas. 

Install Lighting

A simple porch light might not be enough to discourage a determined raccoon. Since these animals are most active at night, however, lighting can still help deter them from attractive areas like gardens or garages. Install a few motion-activated lights at entrances, along less-traveled paths in your yard, or near where you store your trash. The raccoons will be frightened by the lights and less likely to return. 

Use Aversion Agents

Moth balls aren't just good for moths; the help to deter most pests, too. Other smelly substances naturally repel raccoons as well. You could try marking entrances with bleach or ammonia. These are mild repellents, so they may not work again a very hungry fellow or a nesting mother. It's best to call a pest control company for stronger raccoon spray if you are still having trouble. 

Properly Store and Dispose of Food

Food is the main draw for all raccoons. If you have nothing to offer, you won't encounter as many "break ins". Be sure to

  1. Cover all trash cans with tight-fitting lids. Even the smell of food on napkins or paper plates can draw a raccoon in. 
  2. Store pet food in plastic bins with secure lids. It keeps the food fresh and prevents raccoons from constantly returning for an ever-present snack. 
  3. Bring extra food, like boxes of pasta or bags or rice, into the home for safe keeping. They are not safe in the garage.
  4. Remove draws like bird nests, as raccoons like to snack on bird eggs. 

You can also take time to clean fast food packaging or bits and pieces out of your car. It's harder for a raccoon to get in your vehicle, but food in the car still smells and can draw a raccoon in.

Use Electrical Fencing

Raccoons are fabulous climbers, so a normal fence won't deter one for long. But, by running an electrical fence over your existing fence, you have a better chance of keep raccoons out of your garden or fruit trees. 

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