Tips To Help Prevent And Eliminate Black Widow Spiders In Your Yard

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Tips To Help Prevent And Eliminate Black Widow Spiders In Your Yard

7 September 2017
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With the end of summer nearing, now is the time of year when you may notice an abundance of mature spiders around your home and yard, including black widow spiders. When a black widow spider egg sac has hatched in your neighborhood, the result can be multiple webs and nests in and around your home. Here are some tips to help you get rid of any black widows in your yard to prevent them from entering your home.

Prevent Infestations

One of the first steps you should take to control black widow spiders is to clean up around your home and yard to eliminate the areas that provide a place for them to live. By eliminating their favorite hangouts, you can help keep them out of your yard.

It can be helpful to know where they like to live. Black widows prefer to live in a warm spot along or near the ground that has a crevice to provide darkness for them. This can include areas along your house exterior or concrete surfaces that the sun keeps warm during the day, but also provides a crack or hole for the spider to hide in. If you have clutter in your yard, such as decorative items and planter boxes, be sure to check them often for the disorganized web the spiders builds for their nest.

Clean up clutter around the outside of your home and along concrete fences. Remove piles of wood or storage containers from your yard, especially near your home. When the weather turns cold, many spiders will try to seek shelter in a warm area, which can include your home's interior.

Kill Them

Once you have done all you can to prevent black widow infestations, you can use several treatments to kill any living in your yard. Make sure you get an insecticide that is specified for killing black widow spiders.  Also make sure to wear proper protective clothing while you treat your yard, including long pants, long sleeves, shoes, rubber gloves, and a breathing mask.

Spray insecticide around the foundation perimeter of your home and around the window frames outside your home. Spray inside window wells and around the window frames within. Spray around door frames and along the foundation of any concrete walls and structures in your yard. Also spray around ornamental items and other items that could provide a place for spiders to live.

You can also hire a professional pest control service to get rid of your black widow problem, especially when it has become a problem in your home, attic, garage, or other structure on your property.

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