Tips For Getting Rid Of That Nasty Ant Infestation Problem

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Tips For Getting Rid Of That Nasty Ant Infestation Problem

20 March 2018
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If you have ants in your home, then you may be completing some common tasks to get rid of them like placing food in airtight containers and make sure that crumbs are not left around your home. However, these things may not work without some more advanced types of pest control. Keep reading about some things that you may not have thought of, but that will assist with your ant problem.

Humidify Your Basement

Ants, like every other animal, need a source of water to survive. Obvious sources of water like puddles outside the home, a dripping sink, or a puddle of water underneath your refrigerator need to be handled. You also need to get rid of the smaller sources of water like the moisture that builds in your basement. While most ants will get their water from food, they will seek out fluid, especially when food is scarce, and many ants will drink from singular drops of water.

So, make sure to use a dehumidifier in your basement. Also, make sure that all pipes are repaired, even if just a small leak is noticed. This can contribute to the water that ants can find and drink inside your home. 

Some ants are even able to absorb fluid through water vapor sources. This means you should use your bathroom fan when taking a shower and use a dehumidifier in other areas of your home if humidity is an issue.

Remove Trails

If you get rid of the ants inside your house, then you may wonder why new adults keep showing up a day or two after you eradicate the insects. Insects leave chemical trails for one another, especially the ants in their own colonies, so they can find food sources easily. These chemical trails are reinforced by ants that visit your home and they are continually reestablished to indicate that your home is a good place to find food.

If you want to make sure that ants do not keep coming into your home, then you need to remove these trails as best you can. Make sure to wash walkways, driveways, steps, porches, and other paths thoroughly with hot soap and water. Continue to wash these areas several times a week until the ants disappear for good. 

Also, if you locate trails and ants following them, then you can typically find the location or locations where the insects are getting into your house. Close these spaces up with silicone caulk so the trails cannot be followed any longer.

If you need help with getting rid of ants, speak with an ant pest control specialist. 

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