How Can You Get Rid Of Fleas?

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How Can You Get Rid Of Fleas?

17 May 2018
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If you have a cat or a dog, you know that flea season can be devastating. Nobody likes to see their beloved pet contending with the itching and pain that flea bites can bring about. Plus, pets can also attract fleas to bite you, leading to itching and pain for the entire family.

At this point, you may have tried everything on the market: flea sprays, medicated collars, and so-called dips. You may feel that there is nothing left to do.

Unfortunately, many of these common techniques associated with eliminating fleas from your home are unsafe or ineffective. You may need to call in somebody to help manage your fleas. This guide will help you better understand safe ways you can eliminate fleas from your life.

Bathe Your Pet

One of the first damage control steps you can take when you know your cat or dog has fleas is to go for the bath. While it may not be a pleasant event, it may be effective. If you do bathe your cat, make sure that you use an unscented soap that is safe for your pet. After the bath, use a fine-toothed comb meant for fleas to find any bugs left behind.

Use Non-Toxic Flea Traps

Soapy water is a great place to trap fleas. Begin by placing a night-light in an area where your cat likes to nap. The warm glow of the light will attract fleas to it, and they will find themselves trapped in the water.

Wash Your Pet's Bedding

Doing the laundry often is one way to keep fleas at bay. Wash your pet's bedding and other washables with hot water and high heat. This process will kill some of the eggs, but it will not prevent fleas from returning.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

The use of diatomaceous earth is controversial, but the product is known for dehydrating fleas. You can sprinkle the substance on your floors and carpets, leaving it on the floor for as long as you feel comfortable. You can then vacuum up the diatomaceous earth powder and fleas, which should be dead.

Call a Pest Control Company

Once you have tried these other options, you may feel that there is nothing left to do. The truth is that companies like Swat Bug Killers understand the best ways to ease fleas away. Professionals understand your needs as a pet owner and a family, and they seek to meet them.

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