Understanding The Different Roles Of A Termite Colony

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Understanding The Different Roles Of A Termite Colony

22 August 2018
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When you are struggling to overcome a particular type of pest, such as termites, you will need to know as much as you can about them so that you can more effectively stop them. Like with ants, termites have different members of a caste system that you might encounter.

The Roles of Different Termites

Some termites are meant to serve as warriors. Others perform work for the termite colony. Only the reproductive termites have the ability to produce offspring. The soldiers and workers continue to look like larva, while the king and queen are the only types that fully mature. One difference between termites and ants is that termites are able to change classes. If there is a need for more reproductive members of a termite colony, some of the warriors or workers will morph into a king or queen. Also, the reproductive members are able to become workers or warriors.

Termite Communication

Termites can communicate with each other by banging their heads. This form of communication allows the termite to inform each other that there is an invasion or that termites need to repair a hole. You may be able to hear these vibrations if the termite infestation becomes bad enough. In other cases, you may need a stethoscope to hear them.

Termite Reproductive Cycles

Colonies are formed as a part of the reproductive cycle of termites. The reproductive termites grow wings and a stronger exoskeleton. They leave the colony, and the termites seal the hole out of which the termite leaves afterward. They look for a mate. Once they have mated, they shed their wings and look for a new place to form a colony. If you encounter one of these reproductive termites, it may have already formed a colony in your home or is looking to your home as a new colony.

The Negative Effects of Termites

If you notice signs of termites, make sure to contact a termite pest control specialist. Those with asthma might suffer asthma attacks as a result of termites. More importantly, termites can cause damage to wooden structures and can affect the structural integrity of your home. Even if the structural integrity of your home is not put in jeopardy, they may ruin your furniture, carpet, and walls. The good news is that very few buildings are damaged beyond repair. Once you have eliminated the termite infestation, you will be able to restore your home.

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