Stay Away! 4 Ways To Stop Roach Infestations

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Stay Away! 4 Ways To Stop Roach Infestations

25 December 2018
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Things are pretty cold right now, but the temperatures will be warming up soon. Once that happens, the cockroaches will start coming out of hiding. When that happens, you'll want to be prepared to ward off the infestations. Here are four crucial steps you'll need to take to keep them away.

Give Your Home a Deep Cleaning

When it comes to keeping roaches away, the most important thing you can do is clean your house. Roaches love to find clutter to hide away in. Not only that, but those little crumbs that are hiding in the carpet or the cupboards, provide plenty of nutrients for roaches. Before the warm weather arrives. Give your home a deep cleaning. Remove everything from the cupboards and vacuum away to dust and the crumbs. Use your crevice tool to vacuum along the baseboards throughout your home, and under the cushions of your upholstered chairs. You'll want to clean any area that could be harboring nesting or feeding material for roaches.

Turn on the Air Conditioner

Roaches are warm weather pests. That's why they go into hiding during the winter months. Not only do roaches come out of the woodwork once the weather warms up, they also become more active. In fact, when it's warm, roaches will actually fly. To keep roach activity to a minimum in your home, keep the air conditioner going. A cool environment will help discourage roach infestations.

Sprinkle Some Boric Acid

You can't always see roach activity, especially in their favorite hiding places. Some of their favorite hiding places include behind your refrigerator and under your sinks. To help stop an infestation before it starts, sprinkle some boric acid in those locations. Boric acid is a natural roach killer. It's important to note that you shouldn't sprinkle boric acid anywhere that children or pets can get to.

Call for Extermination

If you want to make sure that you stop roaches in their tracks, and prevent any potential infestations, you need to call for extermination. Many people wait until spring officially arrives before they schedule their first pest control appointment. However, if you wait until spring to get started with your pest control treatments, you've waited too long. To make sure you avoid a roach infestation altogether, schedule your first pest control treatment before spring arrives. In fact, the best way to keep pests away completely is to continue your pest control services throughout the year.

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