Fighting Those Summertime Pests

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Fighting Those Summertime Pests

28 August 2019
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Different times of the year can bring different types of pests into your yard and inside of your home. By learning about some of the summertime pests that can end up bothering you, you will be in a better position of knowing how to prevent them. Of course, the best thing you can do is to have a pest control come out monthly to treat the home and yard for you. Below are some of the most common summertime pests, as well as information on problems they can cause and things you can do to prevent them. 


Mosquitoes come out in the warmer months, and they can breed in the smallest amounts of stagnant water. Mosquitoes will cause you to have itchy red bites when they sting you, and they can transfer illnesses such as West Nile virus. Remove all possible stagnant water sources to decrease the mosquitoes in your yard.


Fleas also tend to come out in the summertime and can infest your pets, thereby infesting your home. Fleas come in large numbers and can bite you so much they give you red and itchy bumps all over, especially on your feet and ankles if you have them in the yard. Treat your pets with preventative flea control medication and vacuum the house often to remove eggs.


You will also notice a lot more flies once the weather warms up. If you live near fruit farms or ranches, then you can find the number of flies getting in your home to be very bothersome. In order to control the flies as much as possible, you want to hang flypaper near the entrances to your home, always bag up and tie your trash tightly, keep the outside trash cans far from the house, and make sure all of the screens on the windows and doors fit tightly and don't have any holes or rips in them.


Ants come out in masses when summertime comes around, and they can infest the yard as well as areas in the house like the kitchen and the bathroom. You want to keep the floors as clean as possible and put all food away, leaving none on the counters or tables.


Keep in mind that if you have trouble preventing or removing pests on your own, you should call a pest control company like ABC Pest to help you take care of your pest problems.

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