Recommendations To Keep Your Home Free Of Termite Problems

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Recommendations To Keep Your Home Free Of Termite Problems

24 August 2020
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Termites are attracted to wood as a food source, whether it is the structural form in your home or simply the pile of wood outside for your fire. When termites find their way to your home and begin to tunnel and eat through the wood, it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible. Here are some methods you can use to get rid of and prevent the return of termites to your home.

Use Termite Bait

A successful method to get rid of termites in and around your home is to use a bait treatment. This type of treatment is set in areas around your home and inside your home where termites are known to live. Once the termites come into contact with the bait, it exposes them to a slow-acting pesticide or an insecticide that slows their growth. They will return to the termite colony with the treatment and spread it to the other termites, effectively killing the entire colony after a period of time.

Apply Soil Treatments

There is another method to help combat termites around your home, which is to use a soil treatment. This treatment is applied directly into the soil around your home where termites are likely to enter through. Because they thrive in moist soil and then make their way to a wood source, likely your home, treating the soil with a pesticide is a great way to stop their progression.

Your local professional pest control service will be able to apply a pesticide treatment thoroughly around the soil of your home and its foundation. They may use a liquid spray to treat the soil or apply a dust covering pesticide. Another type of treatment they can apply to the soil includes a foaming pesticide, which can give the same results based on the environment and the best way to get to the termite colony.

It is important that you don't disturb the area where your pest professional has applied the pesticide. Whether it is dust, spray, or foam, be sure to leave the soil undisturbed, so don't plan on gardening or landscaping to the soil until you can get rid of your termite problem.

Keep Your Home Foundation Cleaned Up

To prevent termite problems in the future it is important to keep the area around your foundation clear of any wood, such as wood chips, firewood, and even cardboard or paper products. These attract termites so remove them. 

If you have a wood deck installed on your home, be sure there are at least six inches of space between the ends of the wood support beams and the soil below. You can use concrete stands to prevent soil-to-wood contact. And always be sure you use and install wood that has been treated with a termite resistant solution. 

If you suspect a termite infestation, contact a company near you that provides a termite control bait system.

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