Why You Need Regular Pest Control

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Why You Need Regular Pest Control

2 June 2021
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Cleaning and tidying your house isn't enough to keep the pests away. Most pests hide in places you wouldn't expect, like the cracks between your walls, in your pantry, under your cabinets, or even in holes outside your house.

Worse still, when you spot a mouse or cockroach hanging around your kitchen, there's a whole army hiding somewhere, waiting for the opportune moment to attack. This is why you need regular pest control services. Here are other reasons why your house should be regularly checked for pests. 

Pests Pose Health Risks

Pests can spread infections or diseases in your home or workplace. Rodents directly or indirectly cause diseases such as viral hemorrhagic fevers, Weil's disease, and plague. Ants that come into contact with the droppings or the dead body of an infected rodent can also spread these diseases. 

Mosquito bites can cause various diseases, including the West Nile virus, dengue fever, yellow fever, and malaria. Even ticks transmit Lyme disease. And, since it's impossible to know which pests are carrying the diseases, it's better to take caution by seeking regular pest control services. 

Pests Multiply in Number Fast

Rodents breed all year round. By the time a female mouse is a few weeks old, it can produce a litter of 5 to 12 mouse pups. Upon giving birth, it can get pregnant again after 25 days, and the cycle continues. Rats are just as efficient multipliers. Now imagine how many mice would end up in your home if you ignore them for a year. 

With regular pest control, you get to eliminate these rodents before they can multiply. The more rats there are, the more expensive and complex it's to exterminate them. 

Pests Are Destructive

On top of being annoying, pests are massive destroyers. Termites feed on wood, meaning they can damage your wood furniture items or even the structure of your house. Rodents can happily feed off your books, files, documents, and photo albums. Silverfish and carpet beetles have an appetite for organic fibers, so they can damage your clothes, carpet, and curtain materials.  

Since it's hard to know if these pests have already infested your home, you should regularly hire pest control experts to survey your home and the surrounding environment. This allows you to detect pest threats early and contain the infestation before any destruction. 

You Deserve a Peace of Mind

You have multiple things to worry about, but pests shouldn't be one of them. If your home is pest-infested, you'll always be concerned that those pesky creatures might contaminate your food, eat your documents, or damage your valuable furniture items. With regular pest control, you're sure your home is pest-free, which eliminates your worries. 

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