Why You Should Hire Pest Control Professionals For Bee Removal

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Why You Should Hire Pest Control Professionals For Bee Removal

28 July 2021
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Bees are highly efficient pollinators. This means that they have an important role to play in nature. But sometimes, bees choose to build their hives in close proximity to humans. If you have found a beehive somewhere on your property, you'll probably want to remove it as soon as possible. After all, bees can sting when threatened. But don't attempt to remove a beehive yourself.

Bee removal is a job for trained professionals. This is true for several reasons.

Improper removal techniques can anger the bees

A single honeybee hive can contain up to 30,000 bees. Making that many bees angry is not a good idea! Although bees tend to be quite docile, if you disturb their hive, they could swarm and sting you. Professional bee removal experts have the tools and the experience to remove bees safely without angering them.

Beehives are often difficult to reach

Bees often choose to build their hives in difficult-to-reach places like inside walls and crawlspaces. Professionals know how to reach these areas and have the tools to help them gain entry.

DIY techniques can damage your property

If you attempt to remove a beehive yourself, you could damage your property. Bee removal experts have an array of specialized tools that help them to remove beehives while doing as little damage as possible. For instance, an extendable bee pole is useful for reaching into tight spaces to remove beehives without the need for damaging a structure in the process.

Professionals can safely remove, not kill, bees

In general, bee removal services will remove these bugs without harming them in the process. This is especially true with honeybees. Since bees are important to the environment because they pollinate crops and plants, humane removal is sometimes the best choice. Some pest control services will remove beehives and rehouse the bees in another location.

Dead beehives attract pests

If you deal with a beehive yourself, you might not be able to remove the beehive from your property fully. Old beehives attract pests like cockroaches and ants due to the honey left behind. A pest control professional can remove a beehive from your property and leave no trace of it.  

Bee nest removal doesn't require harmful chemicals

To remove a beehive from your property, a pest controller doesn't need to spray harmful chemicals. This is important if you have pets and children, and you worry about how a chemical treatment might affect them.

If you have discovered a beehive on your property, don't disturb it or attempt to remove the hive yourself. Instead, call the professionals. A professional bee removal service can safely remove a beehive without any harm coming to you or your property. Contact a company like Complete Bee Removal for more information.

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