Advantages Of Professional Honey Bee Relocation Services

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Advantages Of Professional Honey Bee Relocation Services

29 October 2021
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Bees serve numerous functions, ranging from food production to their roles in the environment. Thus, they are integral to the ecosystem's well-being. However, bees pose a safety risk because their sting contains venom, which causes substantial localized pain and inflammation. Bees can also induce allergic reactions in some people, posing a severe health concern. Bees often like constructing their hives in tall trees to avoid disturbance. Thus, it is common for homeowners with trees around their compound to have beehives. Homeowners often consider having the beehives relocated to mitigate the associated safety risks. Otherwise, the bees may build large hives that are problematic to remove and pose safety risks. Professionals should handle such relocations because they have the necessary skills and equipment. Below are a few advantages of consulting professionals from honey bee relocation services for assistance:

Safe Bee Removal

One goal of professional honey bee relocation services is to guarantee the bees' well-being because of their essential role in the ecosystem. Bees produce honey and wax that are used to manufacture numerous products. Thus, beekeepers rear and harness the produce for sale. Bees also actively contribute to plant pollination by carrying pollen grains from one flower to another. As such, people that find bees on their property should consult honey bee relocation services for safe bee removal to avoid harming the bees. There are procedures for safely relocating the bees, such as securing the colony's queen. Honey bee relocation services are trained on safely removing bees from difficult-to-reach places such as deep cracks on walls that would otherwise pose difficulty to property owners.

Health And Safety Concerns

Bees pose significant health risks through venomous stings and allergens, necessitating proper handling. For instance, bees instinctually respond violently to disturbances to protect themselves and the colony's queen. Moreover, people attempting DIY removals often use chemicals whose toxic fumes may result in respiratory complications. Thus, people should consult trained professionals before putting themselves in danger. Honey bee relocation services use trained and well-equipped personnel that understand the behavior of bees and have protective bee suits. The bee suits protect them from stings, allowing them to extract the bees safely. 

Ensure Complete Bee Removal

DIY bee removal often ends up with the bees returning to the same place after some time. The odor from the beeswax often attracts the bees back, necessitating repeat removals. On the other hand, honey bee relocation services ensure complete bee removal and site cleaning, mitigating the chances of the bees returning. For example, honey bee relocation services use various techniques, including aerosol sprays meant to mask any odor that may attract the bees back. Thus, people should consult honey bee relocation services for safe and professional assistance.

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