How To Remove A Bat From Inside Your Home

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How To Remove A Bat From Inside Your Home

3 December 2021
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Bats are usually pests that like to be by themselves and away from people, but there could be a time that they accidentally lose their way or get into somewhere where they don't belong, such as inside your home. If you end up with a bat in your home, you should call a pest control company to have the bat removed for you. There's a chance that these pests could carry rabies, and you don't want to be bitten by one of these pests by attempting to handle one of them, or your children or pets getting bitten. If you have a bat in your home and you are trying to remove it on your own, read on for some helpful tips.

Use A Net

A bat can fly quickly, so you'll have to be fast. Use a large net if you have one to try and trap this pest. The netting will need to be small enough that the bat doesn't just get out of it. If you have a net to use, try and trap it while it's not flying about. Once inside the net, keep it covered with the net and using a pair of gloved hands (preferably leather gloves), grab ahold of the bat behind its head so it doesn't bite you, then move it and the net outside of your home to release it.

Use A Bucket And Lid

If you have a bucket with a lid, you can cover the bat with the bucket, then gently slide the lid beneath the bucket. If you don't have a lid, a piece of cardboard will do just fine. You have to do this slowly and gently, as the bat will be fighting to get out. Hold the lid or cardboard firmly in place to prevent the bat from getting back out. Then release it back outside.

If you have a problem with a bat and it has made its home somewhere in your home, it may try to keep coming back inside. This is where a pest control company comes in handy. They will remove the bat and take it far away from your home to be released so it doesn't make its way back into your house. If you have a problem with a bat or a number of them, hire a pest control company to remove these pests from your home for good and prevent a future problem with these pests.

For more information on bats, contact a pest control service near you.

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