How To Exterminate Fleas From Your Home And Yard

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How To Exterminate Fleas From Your Home And Yard

23 May 2022
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Fleas can be a tricky pest. They are very small and jump quickly, which makes it difficult to kill them if you happen to find one on you or on your pet. If you have fleas, they may have come in from elsewhere, or they could be out lurking in your own backyard. This is what makes these pests tricky, you have to get rid of them in your home, but also in your yard if this is in fact where they have come in from. Read on for tips to help you exterminate fleas from your yard and your home to prevent a future infestation and to save your pets and your family from future flea bites.

Exterminating Fleas In Your Yard

To exterminate the fleas in your yard, you're going to have to keep your lawn trimmed down. Fleas and other pests love an overgrown lawn where they can easily hide and nest, or reproduce. Trim your lawn down to prevent these and other pests from being lured to your yard in the first place. You should also trim other overgrown areas such as trees and bushes, as well as flower gardens and other areas. You'll also need to use a pesticide that is made to kill fleas and spray or sprinkle it all around your yard according to the manufacturer's instructions on usage. Repeat this task if necessary if you still continue to have a flea problem in your yard.

Exterminating Fleas In Your Home

To exterminate fleas in your home, you'll have to also exterminate any fleas from your pets as well. Take your pet to the veterinarian or a groomer for a flea bath to remove the fleas from your pets. Once your pets are out of the house, you need to get busy exterminating your home. Using a flea bomb is the most effective way to exterminate fleas, as the flea bomb can offer more coverage of your home. Follow the instructions on how to use the flea bomb, then vacuum every square inch of your home, paying close attention to upholstered and carpeted areas. Empty the vacuum canister or bag outside of your home and into a trash bag that you can seal tightly and throw into a trash can. If you continue to see fleas in your home, you can repeat the flea bomb or you should hire a pest control company.

Fleas are a tricky pest that can be brought into your home from outside, or from another home. You can be bringing them home, or your pets may be doing so. Either way, they have to be exterminated from your yard and from your home in order to effectively get rid of them. Hire a pest control company to help you with this.

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