TAP Insulation Properties And Installation Guidelines

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TAP Insulation Properties And Installation Guidelines

31 May 2023
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TAP (thermal acoustical pest control) insulation will prevent pest infestations, plus regulate your home's interior temperature. Learn how this product excels against standard insulation products. Then, schedule an appointment to have TAP insulation added to your attic or crawlspace.

TAP Insulation

TAP insulation is a cellulose-based product. It is made of environmentally friendly materials. TAP insulation is a blown-in insulation product. A hose is used to install TAP materials. The materials are designed to remain closely compacted after the installation process. The density of TAP materials will ensure that pests cannot gain entry into a home.

Pest Control Properties

TAP insulation is infused with borate. Borate is a chemical compound. It has flame-retardant properties. It also has pest control properties. TAP insulation effectively deters spiders, roaches, ants, and other common household pests.

Acoustical Properties

TAP products have acoustical properties that will muffle outdoor noise. The density of the TAP materials will block airflow within an attic or crawlspace. After TAP insulation is installed, outdoor noises may not be as disruptive as they previously were.

An Assessment

If the installation of TAP insulation sounds like a promising way to minimize pest issues in your home, schedule an assessment. A licensed TAP contractor will inspect the attic or crawlspace where new insulation is going to be added. They will make sure that the structural materials that your home is constructed of are weather tight.

If any holes within wooden beams or other materials are noted, the contractor will recommend that the required repair work is conducted first. In order for your home to be adequately protected from pests, the structural materials must be damage free.

During the assessment, the contractor will measure the space where TAP insulation will be installed. The measurements will determine how much insulation will need to be added to the space.

The Installation

Before the contractor is due to install TAP insulation, clean the interior space where the insulation will be added.

The contractor can install insulation within wall cavities or floor cavities. Old insulation that was installed previously may not need to be removed before the TAP insulation is installed. If the contractor has already established that the original insulation is in good shape, they will simply install TAP insulation materials over it.

On the day of the installation appointment, the contractor will prepare the TAP materials. They will use a power hose and attachments to install the insulation.

If you're interested in TAP insulation, reach out to a pest control contractor in your area. 

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