Tips on Iguana Trapping for Homeowners

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Tips on Iguana Trapping for Homeowners

20 February 2024
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Iguanas are becoming a very big problem for many homeowners in parts of Florida and other states with similar climates. They are known for damaging landscapes, gardens, and even the foundations of homes. Their sharp claws and strong jaws make these invasive reptiles a real threat to any homeowner. If you are experiencing problems with these pests in your area, you may need to hire an iguana removal service. However, you can also employ some simple trapping techniques to keep your property safe. 

Use Fruits and Vegetables as Bait

Iguanas are herbivores and love to eat fruits and vegetables, so using them as bait is a great idea. Simply place some chopped fruits and vegetables on a tray or plate and set them around areas where you have seen the iguanas. This bait will attract iguanas in the area, making it easier to trap them.

Invest in a Live Trap

A live trap is an effective and humane way to trap iguanas. It is a cage or box that allows you to capture the iguana without harming it. You will just have to bait the trap with food that iguanas love to eat, such as lettuce, melons, or berries. Once the iguana enters the trap, the door will lock, and you can relocate the animal to a safe and distant location.

Use an Owl Decoy

Iguanas are prey animals, and the sight of a predator often scares them away. Setting up an owl decoy is, therefore, a good way to ward off iguanas. Place the owl decoy on a high vantage point, like on a tree or a pole, and iguanas will think twice before coming around your property.

Install Fencing

Fencing is an effective way to keep iguanas out of your property completely. You will just need to install high-quality mesh fences or walls that iguanas cannot climb easily. Make sure to enclose the entire property and bury the fence deep enough to prevent iguanas from digging under it.

Be Patient

It’s important to note that iguana trapping can take a lot of time and patience. You should be prepared to set traps and bait for several nights. Also, do not attempt to handle or transport captured iguanas on your own, as they can become aggressive. It’s wise to hire a professional iguana trapping service to safely remove these creatures.

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