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5 Ways To Protect Your Home From Termites

3 September 2015
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Termites are responsible for $5 billion worth of property damage each year. If you aren't lucky, you might find that your own house has been infested with termites. However, there are a number of good practices that you should keep in mind to help prevent a full-blown termite infestation. Keep in mind the following tips to ensure that you don't ever have to lose portions of your home due to termite damage. Read More …

Fruit Flies Taking Over Your Kitchen? Get Rid Of Them With These Pest Control Tips

2 September 2015
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If fruit flies take over your restaurant's kitchen, take steps to get rid of them now. Although fruit flies don't bite humans, they carry potentially dangerous bacteria that can endanger your customers' health and the safety of your food. Like other filth flies, the bacteria carried by fruit flies can endanger your restaurant's food supplies. As fruit flies land on utensils, pots, pans, and food, they walk or dart around the surfaces of these items. Read More …

4 Things You Need To Know About Your Bee Problem

2 September 2015
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"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee," threatened Mohammed Ali -- and anyone who's ever been stung by a bee can attest to the power of that threat. Bee infestations can pose a constant threat of stings, a potentially deadly development for allergic individuals. Bees can also wreak havoc on your home if you let them take up permanent residence. Here are four important factors in getting to the bottom of your bee problem. Read More …

Fence Material Options For Termite Control

31 August 2015
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Termites are white insects with soft bodies that feed off of dead plant matter, especially dead trees. There are four different species of termites that live in the United States, and they are spread out throughout the country. This means that termites are a potential issue for almost every American. This may be even more true if you have a wooden fence on your property. If you are looking to install a fence shortly, then consider the material information below so the fence is as resistant to termites as possible. Read More …

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