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What Happens If You Delay Removing Termites From Your Home?

11 July 2023
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If you're thinking about delaying termite removal because you don't have the budget or are too busy right now, think again. There are several ways delaying termite removal can make things much worse.  Structural Damage Delaying termite removal can have severe consequences for the structural integrity of your home. Termites are voracious eaters and feed on wood, causing extensive damage over time. They burrow into the wooden structures of your house, including beams, joists, and even furniture. Read More …

TAP Insulation Properties And Installation Guidelines

31 May 2023
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TAP (thermal acoustical pest control) insulation will prevent pest infestations, plus regulate your home's interior temperature. Learn how this product excels against standard insulation products. Then, schedule an appointment to have TAP insulation added to your attic or crawlspace. TAP Insulation TAP insulation is a cellulose-based product. It is made of environmentally friendly materials. TAP insulation is a blown-in insulation product. A hose is used to install TAP materials. The materials are designed to remain closely compacted after the installation process. Read More …

Eliminating Fruit Flies From Your Kitchen

24 April 2023
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If you are experiencing an abundance of fruit flies inside your kitchen, you likely want to have them gone as soon as possible. There are some steps you can take to speed along the process. Here are some guidelines to follow to get fruit flies out of your home without delay. Remove Attractions To Eliminate Fruit Flies As their name implies, fruit flies tend to congregate around fresh fruit. If you keep fruit like bananas, tomatoes, oranges, or pineapples on a kitchen counter, fruit flies will buzz around the pieces, especially if they are ripe. Read More …

Do You Have A Mouse Infestation?

17 March 2023
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Pests are incredibly common, and while a bug or two here may not be a cause for alarm, an infestation can lead to many issues. Besides bugs, rodents like mice may invade your home. If you would like to know more about mouse infestation, keep reading. What Are the Signs of a Mouse Infestation? Mice like to stay hidden, so you may have to look for signs in cupboards, cabinets, and other dark places. Read More …

Termite Control Methods For Subterranean And Drywood Termites

21 February 2023
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The type of termite control your exterminator recommends might depend on the type of termites you have. Two common termites are subterranean and drywood. Here's a look at how subterranean and drywood termites differ and the termite control methods that might be used to eliminate them. Subterranean Termites Live Under The Ground Subterranean termites live in big colonies outdoors. They usually live under the ground or in decaying tree stumps. These termites come into your home through cracks and gaps. Read More …

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